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Eric Ambler (Eliot Reed)

Eric Ambler was a famous writer of spy novels who introduced a new realism to the genre. Ambler also used the pseudonym Eliot Reed for books co-written with Charles Rodda.


  • Eric Ambler was born in London. His parents had been entertainers and Ambler himself also toured in the late 1920s as a music-hall comedian and wrote plays.

  • Education

    • From 1924 to 1927 he studied engineering at London University and took up an apprenticeship in engineering at the Edison Swan Electric Company.


    • Later, when the company became part of Associated Electrical Industries, he worked in its advertising department. In the 1930s Ambler wrote avant-garde plays. By 1937 he was the director of a London ad agency. After resigning he moved to Paris for some time and devoted himself to writing. In Paris he met an American fashion correspondent, Louise Crombie, whom he married in 1939.

      Like numerous like-minded people in different countries, Ambler was shocked and disillusioned by the Nazi-Soviet Pact of 1939. His post-war anti-Communist novel Judgment on Deltchev, based on the Stalinist purge-trials in Eastern Europe, caused him to be reviled by many former Communist Party and other progressive associates.


    • The Dark Frontier
    • Uncommon Danger
    • Epitaph for a Spy
    • Judgment on Deltchev


    Eric Ambler
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    Died October 22, 1998
    (aged 89)
    • 1929 - 1935
      advertising copywriter
    • 1929 - 1935
      agency director
    • 1944 - 1946
      assistant, director Army kinematography Brit. War Office


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