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William Howard Wheat


  • attended the public schools of Brookfield

    Chillicothe, Mo., and Chaddock College and Gem City Business College, Quincy, Ill.


  • clerk in clothing stores in Quincy and Bloomington, Ill.; moved to Thomasboro, Ill., in 1900, becoming engaged as bookkeeper and later cashier of a bank; in 1909 moved to Rantoul, Ill., and served as vice president and president of banking institutions; also interested in agriculture; school treasurer of Rantoul, Ill., for a number of years; unsuccessful candidate for election to the Seventy-fifth Congress; elected as a Republican to the Seventy-sixth, Seventy-seventh, and Seventy-eighth Congresses and served from January 3, 1939, until his death in Washington, D.C., January 16, 1944; interment in Maplewood Cemetery, Rantoul,
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Born February 19, 1879
Died January 16, 1944
(aged 64)


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