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Charles-Marie Ternes

Charles-Marie Ternes was an expert in ancient history, specialized on the Roman Empire and religious studies. He was the head of the Séminaire d'Études anciennes (Semant) at the Centre Universitaire de Luxembourg.


  • Ternes studied at the Université de Nancy and the Sorbonne in Paris. He received his Ph.D. in archaeology (1963). Later he founded two organizations, the Société des Antiquités Nationales und the Centre Alexandre Wiltheim. He wrote numerous books and articles.

  • Connections

    • Friend & colleague: Hartmut Zinser
      Hartmut Zinser is a German scholar in the field of religious studies, history of religions, and ethnology. Together with Charles-Marie Ternes he edited a book on the celtic gods and goddesses.
    Charles-Marie Ternes
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    Born March 10, 1939
    Died June 6, 2004
    (aged 65)