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Mark Aleksandrovich Aldanov

Mark Aldanov, USSR Author.


  • Aldanov, Mark was born on November 7, 1889 in Kiev.

  • Career

    • Trained as a scientist. Emigrated to France in 1918. Worked as a chemical engineer.

      During World War II moved to the USA. Became well known between the wars for a 4- volume historical work The Thinker (Myslitel’) (Deviatoe Termidora, Chertov Most, Sviataia Elena and Zagovor published by Slovo in Berlin between 1923-1927). His work is marked by meticulous research, historical detail and a remarkably elegant style. His books have been translated into English but are completely unknown in the Soviet Union because of his total rejection of dictatorship.

      Other books: Istoki, 2 vol, Paris, 1950, Punshevaia Vodka, Paris, 1940, Ogon i Dym, Paris, 1922, Desiataia Simfoniia, Paris, 1931, Portrety, Berlin, 1931, Zemlia i Liudi, Berlin, 1932, Sovremenniki, Berlin, 1932, Samoubiistvo, Paris, 1977. Founded in the USA the magazine Novyi Zhurnal. First publication in the USSR, Deviatoe Termidora, 1988.
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    Born November 7, 1889
    Died February 25, 1957
    (aged 67)