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Grigorii Alekseevich Aleksinskii

Grigorii Aleksinskii, USSR Politician.


  • Aleksinskii, Grigorii was born in 1879.

  • Career

    • Involved in revolutionary activity as a teenager. Prominent member of the Social Democratic Party, close to the Bolsheviks during the 1905 Revolution. Member of the 2nd Duma (Social Democratic faction).

      Moved to right wing socialism (in the group Vpered). Opponent of Lenin during World War I. Member of the Menshevik group Edinstvo within the Social Democratic Party, 1917. In July 1917 publicly accused Lenin of accepting financial subsidy from the German government.

      After the Bolshevik take-over emigrated, 1918. As a political emigre published anti-Bolshevik articles in Burtsev’s newspaper Obshchee Delo and other publications.
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    Born 1879
    Died 1968
    (aged 89)