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Andrei Alekseevich AmalTik

Andrei AmalTik, USSR Author, dissident.


  • AmalTik, Andrei was born in 1938 in Moscow.

  • Career

    • Expelled from Moscow University, 1963. His plays and essays circulated in samizdat, 1953-1965. In 1965 arrested for parasitism.

      Sentenced to 2‘/2 years exile in Siberia. In 1970 re-arrested for his book, Prosushchestvuet li Sovetskii Soiuz do 1984 Goda? published in the West in 1969. Sentenced to 3 years in the camps, then another 3 years.

      Released in 1976 as a result of international protests. Left the USSR. Lived in Paris.
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    Born 1938
    Died 1980
    (aged 42)