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Praskov’ia Nikitichna Angelina

Praskov’ia Angelina, USSR Tractor driver.


  • Angelina, Praskov’ia was born on January 12, 1913 in Starobeshevo, Donetsk Oblast.

  • Education

    • Graduated from Moscow Agricultural Academy, 1940.


    • One of the first women to complete a tractor driver course, 1929. Organized a women’s tractor driver brigade. Figure head of a Stalinist campaign for the technical education of women.

      Signed a proclamation—Hundred thousand women friends take to the tractor. 1938. Wrote a book on kolkhoz activists, 1948. A typical Stalinist propaganda hero of the 1930s.
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    Born January 12, 1913
    Died January 21, 1959
    (aged 46)