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Aleksandr Andreevich Arkhangel'skii

Aleksandr Arkhangel'skii, Composer of religious music, conductor.


  • Arkhangel'skii, Aleksandr was born on October 23, 1846 in the village of Bolshoe Tezikovo, near Penza. Son of a priest.

  • Education

    • Educated at the Penza seminary, 1870. Studied in Petersburg at the Medical Academy, later at the Technological Institute.


    • Showed early interest in church music. Had to leave studies because of poverty, became a civil servant. Later became a choir master at the Court Choir capella.

      Choir master at Guards regiments. Organized his own choir, 1880. Organized concerts very successfully in Russia and abroad.

      Re-awakened the interest in old Russian church singing. Became the outstanding master of Russian church music in modern times. Lived at Petersburg and composed church music for over half a century.
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    Died November 16, 1924
    (aged 78)