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Nikolai Nikolaevich Aseev

Nikolai Aseev, USSR Poet.


  • Aseev, Nikolai was born on July 9, 1889 in Lvov.

  • Education

    • Educated at Moscow Commercial Institute, 1909-1912. Studied at Moscow and Kharkov universities.


    • First book of poems published in 1913 shows the influence of the Symbolist movement. Turned to Khlebnikov and later became a close friend of Mayakovsky. During the Civil War in the Far East, from 1922 in Moscow.

      Member of LEF, 1923. Became an orthodox communist poet and literary official much praised during his life time, but since forgotten.
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    Born July 9, 1889
    Died July 16, 1963
    (aged 74)