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Jonas Basanavicius

Jonas Basanavicius, USSR Politician, writer, historian.


  • Basanavicius, Jonas was born on November 23, 1851 in the village of Ozhkabalai near Vylkovyshki in Lithuania.

  • Education

    • Graduated in medicine from Moscow University, 1879.


    • Moved to Bulgaria, where he worked as a doctor. Returned to Lithuania, 1905. Founded the first Lithuanian newspaper, Ausra, 1883 (published illegally in East Prussia).

      Director of the Ethnographical Museum in Wilno (Vilnius), 1919. Collected and published 9 volumes of Lithuanian folk songs and fairy tales. Widely respected Lithuanian nationalist leader.

      During World War II commander in the Black Sea Navy, rising to Commander-in-chief, 1948. Deputy Commander of the Soviet Navy, 1951. Retired, 1960.


    Religious edicts impose irrational rules on people’s behaviour.


    Strong communist party can create a new and better society with neither rich nor poor.

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    Died February 16, 1927
    (aged 75)