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Nikolai Nikolaevich Berezov

Nikolai Berezov, USSR Ballet dancer, cho reographer, ballet teacher.


  • Berezov, Nikolai was born on May 16, 1906 in Kovno (Kaunas).

  • Education

    • Studied ballet in Prague, and danced there until 1930.


    • Moved to Kaunas where he married. Father of the internationally known British ballerina Svetlana Beriozova. From 1935-1938, one of the leading dancers with Rene Blum’s Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo.

      From 1944, a choreographer with the International Ballet. In 1948 with the London Metropolitan Ballet, from 1950-1951 with La Scala, from 1951 — 54 with the London Festival Ballet and from 1956 with the Ballet de Marquis de Cuevas. Chief choreographer of the Stuttgart Ballet, 1957-1959.

      In Helsinki 1962-1964, Zurich 1964-1971, and Naples 1971-1973, where he staged his production of Giselle with E. Maksimova and V. Vasiliev. Lectured at Bloomington University, Indiana, 1975-1981. Continued to stage his ballet productions all over the world.
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    Born May 16, 1906