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Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Bogomolets

Aleksandr Bogomolets, USSR Pathologist.


  • Bogomolets, Aleksandr was born on May 24, 1881 in Kiev.

  • Education

    • Graduated from Odessa University in 1906.


    • Professor at Saratov University, 1911-1925. Professor of Moscow University, 1925-1931. Director of the Institute for Haematology and Blood Transfusion, 1928-1931.

      Vice-president of the USSR Academy of Sciences, 1942. President of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, 1930-1946. Created a large school of pathophysiologists in the USSR. An authority on endocrinology, the nervous system and gerontology.


    There is no solid or tangible evidence for God nor a logical argument for God. The existence of God is taken on faith and not by evidence.


    Marxism–Leninism as the only truth could not, by its very nature, become outdated.

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    Born May 24, 1881
    Died July 19, 1946
    (aged 65)