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Ullubii Danialovich Buinakskii

Ullubii Buinakskii, USSR Revolutionary.


  • Buinakskii, Ullubii was born on September 8, 1890 in the village of UIlu-Buinak in Daghestan.

  • Education

    • Studied law at Moscow University.


    • Returned to Daghestan, and after the Bolshevik take-over became the local Bolshevik leader, 1918. After the defeat of the communists, became head of the underground party organization. Arrested by local anti-Bolshevik authorities, sentenced to death and shot at Shakhmal.

      The town Temir-KhanShura in Daghestan was later renamed Buinaksk after him.
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    Died August 16, 1919
    (aged 28)