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Evgenii Ianovich Changa

Evgenii Changa, USSR Ballet dancer, choreographer.


  • Changa, Evgenii was born on October 23, 1920 in Pskov Oblast’.

  • Education

    • Graduated from the Riga Choreographic School, 1940, then from the Ballet Department of the Russian University of Theatre Arts, Moscow, 1950.


    • Dancer, and soloist, 1940-1960, then choreographer, 1950-1961, at the Riga Theatre. State Prize of the Latvian SSR, 1958. Choreographer at the Spendiarov Theatre, 1961-1967.

      Director of the Moscow Ensemble on Ice, Ballet on Ice, 1968-1977. From 1977 taught at the Russian University of Theatre Arts.
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    Born October 23, 1920