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Iulia Nikolaevna Danzas

Iulia Danzas, USSR Author, nun.


  • Danzas, Iulia was born in 1879 in Athens. Daughter of a Russian diplomat.

  • Career

    • Lady-in-waiting to the last Empress, Aleksandra Fedorovna, before World War I. Became a freemason. Interested in theosophy. Professor of History of Religion at Petrograd University, 1917.

      Close to M. Gorkii. Head of the Petrograd Dom Uchenykh (House of Scientists), 1920. Converted to Catholicism, 1920. Catholic nun, 1923. Arrested with a group of Catholics in November 1923, and sent to the Solovki concentration camp.

      Released, thanks to Gorkii, in 1932, and allowed to join her brother in Berlin. Settled in France, organized the Centre of Soviet Studies, Istina, and published the magazine Russie et Chretiente, as well as her Solovki memoirs, Bagne Rouge, 1935. Wrote a biography of the last Tsarina L’Imperatrice tragica e il suo tempo, published in Verona, 1942.
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    Born 1879
    Died 1942
    (aged 62)