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Mstislav Valerianovich Dobuzhinskii

Mstislav Dobuzhinskii, USSR Painter, stage designer.


  • Dobuzhinskii, Mstislav was born on August 14, 1875 in Novgorod.

  • Education

    • Studied art in Petersburg and Munich with Azbe, 1899-1901.


    • In his youth, influenced by the Jugendstil, Benois and Somov. Before World War I, worked on the art journals Mir Iskusstva, Zolotoe Runo and Appolon. Famous for his stage designs (A Month in the Country, 1909, and Nikolai Stavrogin, 1913, in the Moscow Arts Theatre, and many Diaghilev stage settings).

      Professor of the Arts Academy in Petrograd, 1922. Emigrated to Lithuania, 1929. At the beginning of W WII, moved to England, and later to the USA, working mainly as a stage designer.
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    Born August 14, 1875
    Died November 20, 1957
    (aged 82)