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Mark Semenovich Donskoi

Mark Donskoi, USSR Film director.


  • Donskoi, Mark was born on March 6, 1901 in Odessa.

  • Education

    • Graduated in law from Simferopol University, 1925, but never practised as a lawyer.


    • From 1926, in the film industry first as actor and scriptwriter. First debut as director, The Top, filmed for Sovkino in Leningrad in 1929. Became known for his trilogy based on Gorkii’s memoirs: Gorkii’s Childhood, My Apprenticeship and My Universities, 1938-1939, which became classics.

      Other films as director: Life, 1927, In the Big City, 1927, The Price of Man, 1928 The Song of Happiness, 1934 (Vostokkino), How the Steel Was Tempered, 1942, Alitet Goes Into the Mountains, 1949, Mother, 1955 Nadezhda, 1973.
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    Born March 6, 1901
    Died 1981
    (aged 79)