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Vitalii Vasil'evich Fedorchuk

Vitalii Fedorchuk, USSR General, Committee for State Security official, politician.


  • Fedorchuk, Vitalii was born in 1918.

  • Education

    • Graduated from the Committee for State Security Higher School.


    • Ukrainian. Worked for various local newspapers in Zhitomir and Kiev Oblast’, 1934-1936. Student at military school, 1936-1939. Worked in the state security service, 1939-1970.

      Head of the 3rd Directorate, which supervises the armed forces. Has acquired a reputation for toughness. Head of the Ukrainian Committee for State Security, 1970-1982.

      Responsible for the crackdown on Ukrainian nationalist dissidents. Candidate member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Ukrainian CP. 1973-1976. Full member, 1976-1982.

      Chairman of the USSR Committee for State Security (Committee for State Security), May-December 1982. Replaced by Viktor Chebrikov. USSR Minister of the Interior, December 1982-1986.
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    Born 1918