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Nikolai Dmitrievich Filchenkov

Nikolai Filchenkov, USSR Political officer.


  • Filchenkov, Nikolai was born in 1907.

  • Career

    • Joined the Bolshevik Party, 1930. According to official information, in a battle near Sevastopol in November 1941, girded himself with grenades and threw himself under a German tank. Posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, 1942.

      Used to bolster the prestige of political officers in the Red Army during World War II.


    Idea of God is a virus of human mind.


    All policy decisions should be made in the light of the continued, permanent development of the theory of Marxism–Leninism.

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    Born 1907
    Died 1941
    (aged 34)