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Iakov Stanislavovich Ganetskii

Iakov Ganetskii, Revolutionary, politician, businessman.


  • Ganetskii, Iakov was born in 1879 in Warsaw.

  • Career

    • Social Democrat from late 1890s. Member of the Polish and Russian Social Democratic parties. In Poland, opposed Rosa Luxemburg.

      Close to Lenin from 1912. Joined Lenin in Cracow in 1914, and later in Switzerland. Moved to Scandinavia as head of the business firm of Parvus, 1915.

      Active in Stockholm with Radek as an intermediary between Lenin and his German sources of finance. After the October Revolution 1917, Chief Commissar of banks in Soviet Russia. Diplomatic assignments, 1920-1925.

      After Lenin’s death, Minister of Foreign Trade of the USSR. Director of the Museum of Revolution, 1935. Arrested in 1937 during the purges, presumably shot. His wife and son perished with him.
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    Born 1879
    Died 1937
    (aged 58)