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Aleksandr Mikhailovich Gerasimov

Aleksandr Gerasimov, USSR Artist.


  • Gerasimov, Aleksandr was born in 1881 in Kozlov (now Michurinsk).

  • Education

    • Pupil of Valentin Serov and Konstantin Korovin.


    • Portrait, landscape and historical painter, illustrator and stage designer. First studied privately with the artist S. Krivolutskii in Kozlov, then at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, 1903-1910, as a painter then as an architect 1910-1915, under Leonid Pasternak, A. Korin and A. Arkhipov. Important exhibitions: the Association of Independent Artists, 1909-1910, TPKHV, 1913-1915, AKHRR, 8th Exhibition, Moscow, 1926.

      Also: Moscow, 1927-1928, Leningrad, 1932, Moscow, 1933 and 1938 and 1938-1939, 1942-1943. Personal exhibitions: Moscow, 1935-1936, Michurinsk, 1950, India-Egypt, January-March 1954 and Moscow 1954 and 1956, Leningrad 1956-1957.
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    Died 1963
    (aged 82)