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Aleksandr Il’ich Ginzburg

Aleksandr Ginzburg, USSR Human rights campaigner.


  • Ginzburg, Aleksandr was born in 1936 in Moscow.

  • Education

    • Studied journalism at Moscow University.


    • In 1959-1960, edited 3 issues of the samizdat magazine, Sintaksis. Arrested and sentenced to 2 years in prison camps. In 1966, compiled documents about the trial of A. Siniavskii and I. Daniel (Belaia Kniga).

      Arrested, 1967. Tried and sentenced to 5 years in a strict regime camp. In 1972, together with A. Solzhenitsyn, organized a fund to help political prisoners and their families. In 1974 after Solzhenitsyn’s expulsion from USSR, chief distributor of the Solzhenitsyn Fund (royalties from the Gulag Archipelago).

      In 1976, founder-member of the Helsinki Group (Moscow branch). Arrested February 1977 and received a new sentence. In 1979, exchanged with Ed.

      Kuznetsov and others for 2 Soviet spies. Lives in Paris. Active in political, cultural and literary Russian emigre life.
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    Born 1936