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Solomon Borisovich Gol’din

Solomon Gol’din, USSR Revolutionary, watchmaker.


  • Gol’din, Solomon was born on May 17, 1887 in Mstislavets, Mogilev Gouvernement. Son of an estate manager.

  • Career

    • Moved to Tula at the age of 10 and became an apprentice watchmaker. At 17 became a Bolshevik and entered a local Marxist cell in Tula. Began reading Marx’s Das Kapiial.

      In charge of printing equipment for a local Bolshevik group printing proclamations and other Marxist literature. Also in charge of guns (cleaning them and keeping them in a safe place). Took part in the 1905 Revolution.

      Met Grigorii Zinoviev at the home of his great uncle, whose daughter Zinoviev married. One of the printers was arrested which in turn led to Gol’- din’s arrest. Questioned by the police but released because of his young age.

      Immediately left Tula, and moved to Warsaw where he became a watchmaker. Continued his Bolshevik activity. In 1911, travelled through Germany by train and then by fishing boat to Grimsby.

      Made bomb timing systems for the British army during World War I. Settled in Twickenham, where he started his own business. Designed a clock for which he received an award from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich in 1938. Also designed a special electric clock.

      Opened up 3 factories employing more than 100 people. In 1961, visited the USSR with his son, Boris. They were among the first Western tourists to visit the Soviet Union after Khrushchev had opened the border.
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