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Nazhmutdin Gotsinskii

Nazhmutdin Gotsinskii, Muslim leader, Imam of the Northern Caucasus.


  • Gotsinskii, Nazhmutdin was born in 1859 in the aul of Gotso in Daghestan. Son of one of the closest friends and comrades-at-arms of Shamil, the hero of the Caucasian War in the 19th century.

  • Career

    • After the February Revolution 1917, joined local government as a mufti (spiritual leader). Proclaimed the 4th Imam of the Northern Caucasus highlanders and fought the Red Army, 1917-1921. After the defeat of his forces in Daghestan, March 1921, fled to Chechnia and continued the resistance.

      Taken prisoner by the Reds. Brought to Rostov-on-Don, sentenced to death and shot.
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    Died 1925
    (aged 66)