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Sergei Aleksandrovich Gureikin

Sergei Gureikin, USSR Actor.


  • Gureikin, Sergei was born in 1900.

  • Education

    • Pupil of N. Massalitinov.


    • As a teenager, took part in the Civil War. With the White Army as a junior officer. Joined a theatre group in Germany, 1920.

      Moved to Paris. Worked as a taxi driver during the day, and acted in the evenings. Appeared in the Brothers Karamazov, Uncle Vania, and Krechinskii’s Wedding. Became a famous emigre actor.

      Acted also as к compere. Russian Paris knew him well for his appearances at every cultural event.
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    Born 1900
    Died July 26, 1979
    (aged 79)