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Abraham Zebi Idelshon

Abraham Idelshon, Musicologist, cantor (baritone).


  • Idelshon, Abraham was born on July 13, 1882 in Latvia.

  • Career

    • Singer at a Jewish synagogue in Riga where he studied music. Lived in Jerusalem, 1906-1921. Founded the Institute of Jewish Music, 1910, and the Jewish School for Music, 1919.

      Professor at the Hebrew College in Cincinnati, USA, 1924-1934. Important works on ancient and modern Jewish music (in Hebrew, German and English). Gave a new insight into early Christian psalmody in Sokrovishchnitsa Evreisko-Vostochnykh Melodii (Hebraisch-Orientalischer Melodienschatz), 1914-1932.

      Liturgical and other musical works.
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    Born July 13, 1882
    Died August 14, 1938
    (aged 56)