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Amangeldy Imanov

Amangeldy Imanov, Kazakh guerilla leader.


  • Imanov, Amangeldy was born in 1873 in Turgai, Kazakhstan. Son of a poor peasant.

  • Career

    • Took part in the unrest during 1905-1907. Became head of an uprising in Kazakhstan in 1916. Joined the Bolshevik Party in 1918, and became one of the organizers of the first Red Army detachments in Kazakhstan, fighting the forces of Admiral Kolchak.

      Taken prisoner by anti-Bolshevik Kazakhs (Alash Orda, the White Horde) and executed in Turgai.
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    Born 1873
    Died May 18, 1919
    (aged 46)