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Solomon Borisovich Iudovin

Solomon Iudovin, USSR Artist.


  • Iudovin, Solomon was born in 1892 in Vitebsk.

  • Education

    • Studied at the I.M. Pen Studio, then at the art school of the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, 1910-1913. Pupil of M. D. Bernshtein and Mstislav Dobuzhinskii until 1919 in Petrograd. Graduated from the Vitebsk Institute of Practical Art, 1922.


    • Genre and landscape painter and book illustrator. Also a wood and linoleum-cutter. Exhibitions: Paintings and Sculptures of Jewish Artists, Moscow, 1917-1918, and Ten Years of Russian Xylography, Moscow, 1927.

      Other exhibitions: Leningrad, 1932, Moscow-Leningrad, 1934, Moscow, 1939, 1942, Kiev, 1934, Iaroslavl’, 1943, Minsk, 1945, Leningrad, 1947, and Moscow, 1948. Personal exhibitions: Iaroslavl’, 1944 and (posthumously), Leningrad, 1956.
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    Born 1892
    Died 1954
    (aged 62)