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Sergei Iosifovich Iutkevich

Sergei Iutkevich, USSR Film director and theoretician.


  • Iutkevich, Sergei was born on December 28, 1904.

  • Education

    • Pupil of V. Meyerhold, 1921-1923.


    • Worked as an artist in the N. M. Foregger Theatre Workshops. Staged some theatrical productions with S. Eisenstein. Director and artist of the agit-group, Siniaia Bluza.

      In 1922, with G. Kozintsev, L. Trauberg and G. Kryzhitskii, issued the manifesto Eccentricity, which became the basis of FEKS. After his first film in 1924, made over 50 more, including Vstrechnyi (with F. Ermler), 1932, and Rasskazy о Lenine, 1958. Produced a considerable number of propaganda films during the Stalinist period. Continued his Leniniana series with Lenin v Pol'she, 1966, and Lenin v Parizhe, 1981.

      Heavily decorated with several Stalin and state prizes.
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    Born December 28, 1904
    Died April 23, 1985
    (aged 80)