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Irina Konstantinovna Kakhovskaia

Irina Kakhovskaia, USSR Revolutionary.


  • Kakhovskaia, Irina was born in 1888.

  • Career

    • Member of the SR Maximalists Party, 1906. Members of the left SRs, 1917. In exile for revolutionary activity, 1908-1917.

      Leader of a partisan group fighting the German army in the Ukraine, 1918. Together with B. Donskoi, assassinated the commander of the German army in the Ukraine, Field-Marshal Eichhorn, 30 July 1918. Arrested and sentenced but managed to escape (Donskoi was hanged).

      Under Stalin, one of the longest-serving Gulag prisoners, 1921-1955. Released only after Stalin’s death. In old age, lived near Moscow.
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    Born 1888
    Died 1960
    (aged 72)