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Dzhabbar Kariagdv

Dzhabbar Kariagdv, USSR Folk singer.


  • Kariagdv, Dzhabbar was born in 1861 in Shusha, Azerbaidzhan.

  • Career

    • Took part in the first musical production in Shusha of the classical Azerbaidzhanian poems Leili i Medzhnun and Farkhad i Shirin. Organized a trio with K. Primov (tar) and A. Oganezashvili (kemancha) in Baku in the 1900s. Many of his folk songs were recorded by S. Rustamov and published (50 Azerbaidzhanskikh Pesen, Baku, 1938).
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    Died April 28, 1944
    (aged 83)