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Efimii Fedorovich Karskii

Efimii Karskii, USSR Philologist. Member of the Academy of Sciences from 1916.


  • Karskii, Efimii was born in 1861.

  • Education

    • Educated at the Institute of History and Philology in Nezhin, Ukraine.


    • Professor at Warsaw University from 1884. Founder of Belorussian linguistics and philology. Wrote a monumental work, Belorussy, 3 vols, on which he worked nearly all his professional life, 1903-1922.


    All religious orders impose irrational rules of good and bad behaviour.


    Every Soviet citizen has rights to express his or her opinion, but it should be in accordance with the general interests of the society.


    Member of the Academy of Sciences from 1916.
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    Born 1861
    Died 1931
    (aged 70)