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Aleksandr Stepanovich Kazantsev

Aleksandr Kazantsev, USSR Journalist.


  • Kazantsev, Aleksandr was born in 1908 in Cheliabinsk.

  • Education

    • Studied law at Belgrade University.


    • During the Civil War, evacuated with a cadet corps to Vladivostok, and then Shanghai. Later moved to Yugoslavia, 1924. Became a member of the group of political activists, NTS, which united young Russians abroad with the aim of struggling against communist dictatorship.

      Editor in clandestine NTS printing shops in Berlin, later Rumania, financed by the Japanese. During World War II, joined the Vlasov movement in Germany, becoming a close associate of General Vlasov himself. Edited the newspaper of the movement, VoliaNaroda, but left in protest against interference by the German authorities.

      One of the signatories of the Prague Manifesto. After World War II, was in DP camps in West Germany. In the 1950s worked at Radio Liberty, Munich.
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    Born 1908
    Died 1963
    (aged 55)