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Grigorii Ivanovich Kepinov

Grigorii Kepinov, USSR Sculptor.


  • Kepinov, Grigorii was born in 1886.

  • Education

    • Graduated from Petersburg University in physics and mathematics, 1909.


    • Went to Paris to study at the R. Julien Academy, 1910-1913. Exhibions: The Union of Armenian Artists, Tiflis, 1917. The Zhar-Tsvet Society, 1925.

      The Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia, Moscow,1926. ORS, 1927, 1931; Moscow, 1928-1960. Personal exhibition with V. Mukhina, I. Slonim, V. Favorskii and I. Frikh-Khara, Moscow, 1935.
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    Born 1886
    Died 1963
    (aged 77)