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Leonid Vladimirovich Khodskii

Leonid Khodskii, USSR Economist.


  • Khodskii, Leonid was born in 1854.

  • Career

    • Professor at Petersburg University. Editor of Narodnoe Khoziaistvo, 1900-1905. Editor of the daily Nasha Zhisn’, 1904-1906 (later called Tovarishch). Editor of Stolichnaia Pochta and Nasha Gazeta.

      Member of the Labour group of the Duma and one of the Russian followers of Bernstein (with Kuskova, Prokopovich and others).


    Religion is bad because it wastes time and money.


    With the establishment of socialist regimes in Eastern Europe and Asia, capitalism lost its dominance as an economic system.

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    Born 1854
    Died 1919
    (aged 64)