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Lidia Georgievna Kiaksht

Lidia Kiaksht, USSR Ballerina.


  • Kiaksht, Lidia was born on March 25, 1885 in Kovno, now Kaunas. Daughter of a Lithuanian peasant.

  • Education

    • Graduated from the Petersburg Theatre School, 1902, in the class of P. Gerdt.


    • Sister of Georgii Kiaksht. Leading dancer with the Mariinskii Theatre, 1902-1908. From 1903-1904, performed with her brother at the Bolshoi Theatre.

      Appeared in London at the Empire Theatre, the Coliseum and the Alhambra, 1908-1912. Toured in Russia during the 1911 and 1916-1917 seasons. Later toured the USA and Italy.

      In 1933, retired. Organized the Touring Ballet of English Youth, 1939-1946, which was later re-named the Lydia Kiaksht Russian Ballet. Taught at Sadler’s Wells. From 1953-1959, taught at the NikolaevaLegat Ballet School.
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    Born March 25, 1885
    Died January 11, 1959
    (aged 73)