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Vladimir Mikhailovich Kirshon

Vladimir Kirshon, USSR Author, playwright.


  • Kirshon, Vladimir was born on August 6, 1902 in Nalchik, in the Northern Caucasus.

  • Education

    • Graduated from Sverdlov University, Moscow.


    • During the Civil War, fought with the Reds, 1918-1920. One of most vocal exponents of radical communist views in the late 1920s-early1930s. Leader of RAPP. In his plays, praised the Stalinist type of ruthless political leader and glorified the collectivization campaign.

      Became a victim of false accusations, and perished during the Stalin purges. Officially rehabilitated under Khrushchev, 1956.
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    Born August 6, 1902
    Died July 28, 1938
    (aged 35)