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Petr Petrovich Konchalovskii

Petr Konchalovskii, USSR Artist.


  • Konchalovskii, Petr was born in 1876 in Slaviansk (now Don Oblast’).

  • Education

    • Studied at the M.Raevskaia-Ivanova Art School, Kharkov, then at the Stroganov Central School of Graphic Art, Moscow, under V.Sukhov, also studied at the R.Julien Academy, Paris, 1896-1898, under J.-P.Lorain and J.Benjamin-Constant, then at the Petersburg Academy of Arts, 1898— 1905, under I.Tvorozhikov, V.Savitskii and G.Zaleman. Pupil of P. Kovalevskii. Graduated in 1907.


    • Portrait, landscape, still-life painter, stage designer. One of the founders of the Bubnovyi Valet Society. Taught at Moscow, 1918-1921, then at the VKHUTEIN, 1926-1929.

      Exhibitions: from 1903, including the Zolotoe Runo, 1909-1910, the Mir Iskusstva, 1911-1922, the Bubnovyi Valet, 1912-1914. Academician, 1947. Personal exhibitions: from 1922, all in Moscow.
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    Died 1956
    (aged 80)