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Aleksandr Ivanovich Konovalov

Aleksandr Konovalov, Businessman, politician.


  • Konovalov, Aleksandr was born in 1875 in into the family of a rich textile factory owner.

  • Education

    • Educated in England.


    • One of the founders of the Russian Union of Trade and Industry. Prominent member of the military industrial committees, close to Guchkov. Member of the 4th Duma, representing the progressivist faction (to the left of the Cadets).

      His factories were known for their excellent working conditions (own hospitals, and so on). Minister of Trade and Industry in the Provisional Government and Deputy Prime Minister to Kerenskii. Joined the Cadets, August 1917.

      Financed the newspaper Utro Rossii. During the October Revolution, in Kerenskii’s absence, head of the group of ministers of the Provisional Government. Arrested by the Bolsheviks after the storming of the Winter Palace, 7 November 1917.

      Released soon thereafter. Emigrated to France. Business manager of Miliukov’s newspaper Poslednie Novostiin Paris. Chairman of Zemgor. Spent his last years in absolute poverty.
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    Died 1948
    (aged 73)