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Mikhail Vasil’evich Krivoshlvkov

Mikhail Krivoshlvkov, USSR Guerilla leader.


  • Krivoshlvkov, Mikhail was born on December 3, 1894 in Ushakov (now Krivoshlykov) near Rostov-on-Don. Son of a blacksmith.

  • Career

    • During World War I, became one of the best-known communist organizers among the Cossacks at the front. During the Civil War, became head of the Don Cossack Revolutionary Committee, 1918. Took part in the suppression of an anticommunist Cossack uprising in the North of Don Oblast’.

      Taken prisoner by White Cossack detachments and executed (hanged) at khutor Ponomarev.
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    Died May 11, 1918
    (aged 23)