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Anatolii Petrovich Ktorov

Anatolii Ktorov, USSR Actor.


  • Ktorov, Anatolii was born on April 24, 1898.

  • Education

    • Graduated from the F. F. Komissarzhevskii Studio, 1919.


    • On the stage from 1917. From 1920-1922, at the Korsh Theatre, Moscow. Entered the film industry, 1925.

      Joined MKHAT, 1933. His best parts were in la. Protazanov’s films: Proisess О Trekh Millionakh. 1926, and Prazdnik Sviaiogo lorgena, 1930.

      Played Prince Bolkonskii’s father in War and Peace.
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    Born April 24, 1898
    Died September 30, 1980
    (aged 82)