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Lev Vladimirovich Kuleshov

Lev KULESHOV, USSR Film director and instructor. Doctor of Arts since 1947; Professor, since 1939; Honoured Art Worker Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic since 1935. Member, Communist Party, since 1945.


  • Kuleshov, Lev was born on January 13, 1899 in Tambov.

  • Career

    • Started as a stage designer in the film industry in 1916. One of the pioneers of Russian cinema. Experimented in the fields of editing and special effects.

      First documentary maker during the Civil War, 1918-1921. Played an active part in film propaganda during the 1920s. His first film, Na Krasnom Fronle, 1920, was one of the first agit-films.

      In 1919, founded the State Film School. Among his pupils were Vsevolod Pudovkin. Boris Barnet, A. Khokhlova (later his wife), and S. Komarov.

      His films include Neobychainye Prikliuchenia Mistera Vesta v Strane Bolshevikov, 1924, Po Zakonu, 1926, after a Jack London story, and Velikii Uteshitel', 1933. after O. Henry. Attacked for formalism in the Soviet film press when he applied his theory that an actor should lose his identity and become an instrument of the director. Taught at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography from 1944.

      His film. The Siberians, 1940. portrayed Stalin. After World War II, completely exhausted himself. In 1945, applied for party membership when it was already too late, since his career was over by then.


    Member, Communist Party, since 1945.


    Member, Communist Party, since 1945.
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    Born January 13, 1899
    Died March 29, 1970
    (aged 71)


    Olga Borisik

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      • 1920
      • 1924
      • 1926
      • A. Khokhlova (later his wife)
      • after a Jack London story
      • and Velikii Uteshitel'
      • completely exhausted himself. In 1945
      • Na Krasnom Fronle
      • Po Zakonu
      • instructor
      • film director
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