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Pavel Ivanovich Lebedev-Polianskii

Pavel Lebedev-Polianskii, USSR Literary critic.


  • Lebedev-Polianskii, Pavel was born on January 2, 1882 in Melenki, near Vladimir.

  • Career

    • Involved in revolutionary activity. Lived abroad (Geneva), 1908-1917. After the October Revolution, appointed commissar of the publishing department of the Ministry of Education (Narkompros), 1917-1919.

      First Soviet editions of Russian classics published under his supervision. Chairman of Proletcult, 1918-1920. Head of Glavlit (censorship commission), 1921-1930.

      One of the editors of the first edition of the Bolshaia Sovetskaia Entsiklopediia and editor of Literaturnaia Entsiklopediia, 1934-1939.


    Religious edicts impose irrational rules on people’s behaviour.


    Strong communist party can create a new and better society with neither rich nor poor.

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    Born January 2, 1882
    Died April 4, 1948
    (aged 66)