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Mikhail Varfolomeevich Leblan

Mikhail Leblan, USSR Artist.


  • Leblan, Mikhail was born in 1875 in Orel.

  • Education

    • Studied at P.Sychev’s private art school (1892-1893), then at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1893-1807) under S.Korovin, L.Pasternak, A.Arkhipov, A.Stepanov, A.Vasnetsov, V.Serov and K.Korovin. Pupil of Il’ia Repin at the Petersburg Academy of Arts. Studied at the Grand-Chaumiere Academie Libre, also under H.Matisse.


    • Landscape and portrait painter. Also still-life painter and stage designer. In 1910-1912, worked in Paris.

      Exhibitions (from 1894): The Union of Russian Artists, the Mir Iskusstva, the Bubnovyi Valet, the Moscow Association of Artists, the Zhar-Tsvet. Posthumous exhibition of his work: Moscow, 1941.
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    Born 1875
    Died 1940
    (aged 65)