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Aleksandr Grigor’evich Lemberg

Aleksandr Lemberg, USSR Cameraman.


  • Lemberg, Aleksandr was born on October 22, 1898.

  • Career

    • Entered the film industry, 1914. From 1916, cameraman on feature films. Worked under his father, Grigorii Lemberg.

      In 1917, war cameraman. Filmed Lenin on many occasions from 1918-1922. Member of the team which filmed Lenin’s funeral, January 1924.

      Cameraman during the Civil War. Member of the Kinoki (Kino-Eye) group. Worked with D. Vertov on Shestaia Chast’ Mira, 1926.

      From 1938-1941, and from 1946, staff cameraman at the VDNKH (Permanent Exhibition of People’s Achievements).
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    Born October 22, 1898
    Died June 9, 1974
    (aged 75)