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Aristarkh Vasil'evich Lentulov

Aristarkh Lentulov, USSR Painter, stage designer.


  • Lentulov, Aristarkh was born on January 16, 1882 in Nizhnee Lomovo near Penza.

  • Education

    • Studied at Penza and Kiev art schools, 1897-1907.


    • Worked as a painter in Petersburg and Paris. One of the organizers of the arts group Knight of Diamonds (Bubnovyi Valet), 1910. Professor of the VKHUTEMAS-VKHUTEIN, 1919.

      Member of AKHRR, 1926. Influenced by Cubism, futurism and ortism. Landscape and portrait painter.

      A leading turn-of-the-century modernist, reduced in the 1930s to painting socialist-realist industrial landscapes (Kreking Nefteperegonnogo Zavoda, 1931). Posthumous exhibition: Moscow, 1956.
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    Born January 16, 1882
    Died April 15, 1943
    (aged 61)