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Leonid Sergeevich Leont'ev

Leonid Leont'ev, USSR Ballet dancer, choreographer.


  • Leont'ev, Leonid was born on April 9, 1885 in Petersburg.

  • Career

    • Graduated from the Petersburg Theatre School, 1903, (class of N. Legat). Dancer with the Mariinskii Theatre, and its manager, 1920 and 1922-1925. With the Ballets Russes, 1908-1910.

      A leading virtuoso dancer. Worked as a choreographer, reviving previous ballet productions. Taught, 1911-1916 and 1918-1941, at the Leningrad Theatre School.

      Among his students were G. Balanchine and A. Viltzak.
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    Born April 9, 1885
    Died June 6, 1942
    (aged 57)