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Aleksandr Pavlovich, Prince Lieven

Aleksandr Pavlovich, Prince Lieven, USSR Controller of the European Service of the BBC.


  • Lieven, Aleksandr Pavlovich, Prince was born on September 13, 1919 in Rostock, Germany (now GDR). Son of Prince Pavel Pavlovich Lieven and younger brother of Leonid Lieven.

  • Education

    • Graduated from the Lycee Fran^ais Brussels, Lille, and Trinity College, Dublin.


    • Took partin World War II. Captain in the British Army. Expert on Russian affairs at the Foreign Office. In the 1960s, head of the Russian and Eastern European Service of the BBC. Retired, 1979.
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    Born September 13, 1919
    Died March 31, 1988
    (aged 68)