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Kronid Arkad’evich Liubarskii

Kronid Liubarskii, USSR Human rights campaigner.


  • Liubarskii, Kronid was born in 1934 in Pskov.

  • Education

    • Graduated from Moscow University in astrophysics.


    • Numerous articles in the Soviet press. Became involved in human rights activity. One of the editors of the samizdat publication Khronika Tekushchikh Sobytii.

      Arrested, 1972. Sentenced to 5 years of strict regime camps. Transferred to the Vladimir jail. After release, left the USSR, 1977.

      Settled in West Germany. Editor of Vesti Iz SSSR, an important news bulletin about arrests, prisons and psychiatric institutions. Publishes an annual list of political prisoners in the USSR. Co-editor (with B. Khazanov and S. Maksudov) of Sirana i Mir.
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    Born 1934