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Vera Petrovna Maretskaia

Vera Maretskaia, USSR Film actress.


  • Maretskaia, Vera was born on July 31, 1906.

  • Education

    • Graduated from the E. Vakhtangov Theatre School, 1924.


    • Joined the Vakhtangov Theatre under lu. Zavadskii. From 1936-1940, worked in a theatre in Rostov-on-Don. Joined the Moscow Soviet Theatre, Moscow, 1940.

      First film: Zakroishchik Iz Torzhka by la. Protazanov, 1925. Best known for her part in B. Barnet’s film Dom Na Trubnoi, 1928. In 1956, played the leading role in a new version of Mother by M. Donskoi.

      A film was made about her career in 1976.
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    Born July 31, 1906
    Died August 17, 1978
    (aged 72)